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Broson Wheels

1. These General Terms of Supply shall apply as between business people and shall be effective to the extent that they are not amended by a written agreement between the parties.


2. Unless otherwise agreed, the vendor’s offer shall apply for eight days subjects to the goods not being sold in the meantime.
The cost of testing carried out on request is included in quotations only if this is specifically stated.

Acceptance of order
3. The vendor’s written acceptance of order shall be binding upon the purchaser unless any comments are made immediately.

4. Unless otherwise agreed, the purchaser shall pay the price that the vendor applies on the day of delivery to the type of goods to which the contract relates.
The purchaser shall, in addition to the contractual price, make recompense for the value added tax incurred thereon.
Packaging, whether necessary or requested, shall be charged for separately and, in the absence of any agreement to the contrary, be taken back.

Delivery clauses
5. Delivery clauses shall be interpreted in accordance with the INCO terms, as issued by the International Chamber of Commerce, applicable at the time of the contract.

Payment and late payment interest
6. Payment shall have been received by the vendor within 30 days net taken from the invoice date.
If payment is not made at the due time, late payment interest as provided by the Interest Act shall be charged at a rate exceeding the Riksbanken reference rate applicable from time to time by 12%. In the event of a change in the reference rate, the rate of late payment interest shall be amended with effect from the beginning of the following month.
Payment shall not imply acceptance of the goods or invoicing.
In case of overdue payment, the vendor shall be entitled to compensation for written payment reminder regarding the debt according to the act (1981:739) about reimbursement for collection expenses etc. (Sw. Lag (1981:739) om ersättning för inkassokostnader m.m.)

7. Should there arise reasonable grounds to believe that a party will not comply with the duties imposed on him by the contract between the parties, the other party shall be entitled t